Pointing Dog Championship

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The Hunt

Dogs are judged on their handling ability and steadiness in the field including number of points on birds. A small number of quail (2-3 each brace to guarantee bird contacts and judging opportunities) will also be stocked. Last year 8 dogs found close to 50 woodcock in four braces as well as all the quail!

What we are trying to accomplish is a rebirth of our annual event in the form of a true test of our dog’s ability to handle wild birds. The design is based loosely on the wild bird trials of days gone by. There will be a point system and a multiplier based on the dog’s handling of the course and game. We will set up multiple courses based on flight and native bird numbers prior to running day. Each course will be seeded with quail prior to the start of the event, thus guaranteeing presence of game. Dogs will be run in braces which will be drawn and seeded the day prior to the event. This is a blank gun only event with the top three dogs called back for a retrieve.

The Contest

Your dog and its bracemate are cut loose for 30 minutes and will cover the field looking for birds. They will be scored on a multiplier based on pointing, steadiness, search, drive–and if presented the opportunity–backing. Unlike a field trial, there will be no pickups, you suffer through the whole deal, unless warranted by aggressive dogs, etc. The top four dogs will be called back to retrieve. The retrieve will be set up much like a hunt test, with the exception being the dog must truly hunt, point, back, AND retrieve to win.

Modern Skeet Fun Day & Semi Annual Meeting

June 14, 2014
Pomfret Rod & Gun Club
Pomfret, CT
9am ’til…

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Part 1

Individual Attention 9am – Noon

$30/half hour of individual instruction, help, or practice. Ideal for relative beginners or people who don’t shoot often. Kids ok too. Darrell York and Neal Cunningham are available to give as little or as much help as needed (and if possible, although not promised, a mystery pro). To sign up, email Neal Cunningham.

During lunch, we will have our semi-annual meeting where Chapter issues, policies, etc. are reviewed, discussed, and voted upon if necessary. Please bring an item to share for lunch and water for your dogs.

Part 2

Fun Shoot for all starting at noon. After lunch ’til we’re sick of shooting. $5/round of 25 targets

What to bring

Your shotgun(s), any gauge ok. Skeet, Cylinder, or IC chokes best. As much ammo as you care to shoot (#8 or #9 Lead), and a dish to share for lunch–cold or to grill

Who to leave at home

Your dogs, especially puppies–way too much gunfire

What is modern skeet?

It’s a clay target game shot on a regular skeet field with regular skeet stations. The difference is you cannot mount your gun until you see the target, and the traps are set on mechanical rockers, so you have no idea what angle the clay will fly…even if you can run 25 at regular skeet, this game will tie you in knots…oh, and it’s all doubles…

How to get there

Route 395 to Dayville exit 93, go west on Route 101 to Wrights Crossing Road (approx. 3 miles from 395) follow Wrights Crossing to River Road and follow River Road to Pomfret Rod & Gun Club. Park in the big gravel lot on the right across the street from the clubhouse.


Email Neal Cunningham or call 860-684-4856

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