Training Clinics

Quail Ridge Preserve & Kennels
120 Sartori Road
Stafford Springs, CT

Use the BIRD ORDER FORM to order your birds and ducks. Bird orders for the Sunday clinics will only be taken up to one week in advance of the clinic.


Each member is responsible for putting in a bird order form for each training clinic they wish to attend. The bird order form can be found on our chapter website. Chapter policy on ordering birds requires you place your order one week in advance, pay for and take your order into your possession prior to the start of the Clinic. If you do not reserve birds there will not be enough for you.

 All birds ordered by you will be charged to you in the event you don’t show up.

Beginner/Novice dogs: Recommended 3-4 quail per training clinic.
Novice/Experienced dogs: Recommended 4 quail/chukar per training clinic.
UPT/UT testing entrants: 1-2 ducks per clinic

The cost of birds vary, but is usually about $7 for quail, $10 for chukar, $14 for ducks. Training pigeons are also available at a minimal cost for our members. A fee of $10 for private land clinics will be assessed along with the cost of birds for each clinic.

There is no running water on the grounds, so please be sure to bring plenty of water for both you and your dog.

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