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2024- Guests and visitors will be allowed one visit to a clinic day.  After this the guest or visitor must join NAVHDA International and join our local chapter- Southern New England NAVHDA.  If you are a first time guest or visitor fill out the release below and bring it with you the first day.   We reserve the right to limit the amount of guests at each event. 


The Sign Up Genius will go up approximately 1 week prior to the event.   SNE Club members will be notified via email when the sign up is open.  Please note the cut off date in the email after this date we cannot accommodate you at the event. 

All participants and spectators at the clinics must wear blaze orange hats and clothing while in training areas.

All shooting at SNE events will be done only by SNE chapter approved gunners.

Bird Orders:

1. Birds can be ordered at cost plus a small handling fee.

2. All bird orders must be placed with Sign Up Genius one week prior to the training clinic.  Late orders will not be processed!!

3. All bird orders and clinic fees must be paid in full in cash or check made out to SNE NAVHDA before the start of the clinic.

4. The chapter reserves the right to limit or modify bird orders.  We will not accept orders for more birds than can be used at a single training session.

5. If you are unable to attend the clinic, you will still be responsible for the cost of the birds.  The chapter will make no effort to hold your birds until the next clinic.

6. You must bring a carrier for any field birds that you have ordered.  Birds will be distributed at the start of the clinic at the gathering location.

7. If you no show and do not pay for your birds you will not be able to sign up for the next training day until all your birds are paid for from the previous training day. 

General rules:

1.  Duck searches should be approximately 20 minutes.  The clinic leader may limit the time so that each dog will have an opportunity.

2.  All trash and debris must be removed from the grounds.

3.  Chapter members with two dogs should plan on staying the full day so that they can run their additional dogs after others are done.

4.  Anyone not following the rules or doing anything to jeopardize the privilege of using the grounds will be asked to leave.

5.  Please be courteous to anyone that you happen to meet while traveling or on the training grounds.

Quail Ridge Preserve & Kennels
120 Sartori Road
Stafford Springs, CT

Use the Training Clinic Attendance Form  to order your birds and ducks. Attendance Forms for the training clinics must be received one week prior to the day of the training clinic. This will be done using Sign Up Genius.

Each member is responsible for putting in a Training Clinic Attendance Form for each training clinic they wish to attend via Sign up Genius. The Attendance Form can be found on our chapter website or below. Chapter policy on ordering birds requires you place your order one week in advance, pay for and take your order into your possession prior to the start of the Clinic. If you do not reserve birds there will not be enough for you.

 All birds ordered by you will be charged to you in the event you don’t show up.

Bird recommendations for training clinics:

Dogs that have not been exposed to birds yet: Recommended 2-3 Quail./Chuckar

Beginner/Novice dogs: Recommended 3-4 homing pigeons (preferred) or Quail/Chuckar per training clinic.

Novice/Experienced dogs:

Recommended 4 Quail/Chukar per training clinic.

UPT/UT level water work: 1-2 ducks per clinic

The cost of birds vary, but is usually about $12 - $15 for Chukar, $18 - $24 for ducks, and $18 - $25 for pheasant. Homing pigeons are also available for $6 per bird for non shooting work in lieu of game birds.  A fee of $15 for all training clinics will be assessed along with the cost of birds for each clinic.

There is no running water on the grounds, so please be sure to bring plenty of water for both you and your dog.

Training Clinic Attendance Form >>

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